Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Yesterday it was 108°

Today: 108°

Tomorrow: 108°

Sensing a trend?

Sacramento Valley and the surrounding areas are in the middle of what one person called “a little taste of hell” (oh, that was me!). There are reports of the freeways buckling, people can’t get their apartments cooler than 80° after running the A/C for 20 hours, and my three tomato plants looked like they’d spent a night out with the guys and were paying the price this morning!

This is pretty typical here in Sac Town and her neighboring areas. At least once per Summer we have these stretches of over-100° days, sometimes we have a couple. We all hunker down in our homes, curtains drawn and A/C cranked, and wait for things to cool a bit. Or dream about the beach! 🙂

Unfortunately there have been some power outages and people have been asked to turn up their thermostats to 78 to help with the electricity demands (sorry, can’t, our 6 month old would not be very happy). But there are things we do  like waiting until after 9 p.m. to run the dishwasher or the washing machine, and we’ve been hanging all our clothes on a rack in the garage–they dry faster then they would in the dryer! I do have to water my veggies twice per day or I might as well yank them out!

This is Summer in California and it gets hot. But don’t worry–it’s going to cool down by next Monday: 92°


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