California is in the midst of a drought. Our lakes are at the lowest in many years, “Gold” lawns are the new green, and people are being fined for over watering.

Also, my sad little blog has apparently also been suffering a drought. For that I apologize.

But I have been making some headway in the novel I’m currently writing (remember how this started out as a blog about writing?)

I only wish I had settled on a title for my book, but so far nothing has sounded right.

But I can say:

The story revolves around Sebastian Albright—gifted painter, and frequenter of the local pub. Son of the local wealthy landowner and well-off businessman, Sebastian cares little for the high society and supposed high class ways of his father and stepmother. He and his friend James are about to find out how important art and life truly are.

Hopefully Sebastian’s story will be finished soon. His adventures are numerous, and will hopefully be as enjoyable for readers as they have been for me to write.

Cornelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts Cabinet in the Artist's Studio small


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