An Orange and Some M&M’s

Here in California things are chilly in the mornings, and yes I do scrape the frost from my car windshield, but it warms to a pleasant mid 50 or 60 degrees by midafternoon. Christmas was typical without much traveling, but the two halves of my new family were able to spend the holiday together.

In my new husband and mine’s little apartment I attempted to keep the Christmas traditions of my childhood alive. Which is why my new hubby got an orange and a little bag of M&M’s in his stocking Christmas morning, before he went off to work for four hours (yuck).

The tradition of receiving citrus and candy comes from my mother who also received these gifts from Santa each year. And just because we have started our married life in our own place doesn’t mean we let go of those parts of our history that makes us smile. It just wouldn’t be Christmas morning without an orange!

Here is hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Oranges and M&M's from Santa

Oranges and M&M’s from Santa


3 thoughts on “An Orange and Some M&M’s

  1. In our family, you got an orange (or a satsuma more often) if you’d been good, but if you’d been bad, you got a Brussels sprout! – well in theory, none of us actually got the sprout, but we never knew until the morning…

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